This dojo is special, and offers a true family environment. The Avon Kempo & Aikido Academy has skilled and caring instructors. Your fellow students want to help you improve as a martial artist. Regardless of your interest in the martial arts (self defense, fitness, confidence, belonging to a community, etc.), I highly recommend you come experience a kempo and/or aikido class in person, to see if it's a fit for you. It's been a great fit for me since 2008.
Wes Stewart
Jeanene Violante
Great instructors, professional, clean, following safety protocols
Edyta R
Our daughters have been coming here for years and we love this dojo. Not only are Masters Dominick and Jeanene very experienced and knowledgeable but they are able to teach all ages in a way that each student can understand. All of the instructors are dedicated to the martial arts and to passing on their knowledge. They teach self discipline, help the students build character in each lesson and provide a supportive environment conducive to learning. If you want to learn the true art of kempo karate or aikido under strong but humble teachers, then this is the place for you. We highly recommend Avon Kempo and Aikido to anyone considering learning martial arts.
Philip C
My son and daughter have been members of the dojo since 2006. The Masters of the dojo are the husband and wife team of Dominick and Jeanene. Although my son is now away from home at graduate school and my daughter at college, they both still look forward to going to the dojo whenever they're in town. If you're wondering how joining a dojo would benefit you or your kids, the three words that come to my mind are discipline, confidence and family. My son has ADD and the one activity in which he would truly focus without meds is martial arts. Martial arts helped my daughter to overcome the insecurities with which many girls struggle as they grow up. And a big reason for their success was seeing and participating in the examples set by the kids and adults who are part of the Avon Kempo and Aikido Academy dojo family. The Bottom Line: If you're looking for a dojo in which you or your children can learn martial arts and more, Avon Kempo and Aikido Academy is a terrific dojo to join.